Steve was born in 1962 in a small village close to Antwerp, Belgium's fashion city. He graduated with a master degree from the University of Leuven in the field of Physical Education and Sports. Next, he added one year in corporate economics at the same university. Being the president of the students league, his organizing career took a flying start in 1983.

Once completed obligatory military service, he launched himself in the professional world as a medical sales rep which brought him into contact with medical congress organization. 

Three years later, writing 1989, he decided it was time to give the keys of his company car back to his employer and to start his own MICE agency overnight.

For the next 25 years and still continuing today, as managing director of his agency ‘Barranco’, Steve has been the creative and steering force behind the organization of about 1000 corporate event, conference, incentive, team building and seminar days.

In 2009, he wrote his conference organizing experience down in the book ‘Secrets of Effective Meetings and Events’. Steve can be booked as a MICE trainer / speaker to share best practices in workshops and seminars.

Since 2010, Steve also shares his education, training and best practice regarding Mental Training techniques. Originated from a sports environment, Steve gives hands on mental training insights and techniques for use in the business environment.

His passion:

to empower corporate conferences, while creating energy, inspiration and networking opportunities for all the meeting delegates.

... besides being extremely organized and driven, he is very focused. The quality he delivers is beyond competition. As a person he is very inspiring and fun to be around. A wonderful manager! ...



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