Many full page pictures visualize the contents of the chapters. Every picture has its own summary text to allow fast browsing when you have limited time for reading.

Every part starts focussing on one ‘slice’ in the Meeting Effectiveness Pyramid: first is the strategy, next the format and at last the operations regarding the meeting organization.

    Part 2 provides you with many ideas for new or alternative formats for knowledge sharing and networking. Samples for knowledge sharing formats are e.g. the talk show format, the duo presentation, the bridge, the loft and television theatre.

The pictures illustrate each concept, all of which have been successfully applied during past conferences.

    In addition to the many pictures, there are also lots of plans and graphics that makes it easy to understand the concepts and ideas described and also easier to apply them for yourself in your M&E situation.

The recurrent orange boxes with the magnifier icon shows you related literature about the topics discussed at a glance. Interesting for those who would like to go into greater depth about a certain theme.

    We summarized tips and tricks by means of the red titles with the ‘checked’ icon in front of it.

This allows you quick access to the basic ‘do’s’ and ‘dont’s’ concerning many planner related topics such as: effective written communication, public speaking, slide design, photography and videography, people management and AV-technology.

    Part 4 provides a system to plan further improvement of your own planner competencies at your own pace.

Look & Feel

The book is divided into 5 sections or ‘parts’ but is designed in such a way that you can jump in the text at any chapter in the book. Depending on the time you have you can choose for quick browsing or a more in depth study.

The many full color illustrations make it

an attractive book that is easy to read.