“I've had the pleasure to meet Steve in 2006 in Berlin and was blown away by his professional way of working. Never have I entered a stage more relaxed than with Steve, thanks to his thorough preparation. Detailed scripts, clear expectations and good agreements make great conferences & events! After four years, with many assignments together, I look forward to each event he organizes. And he still surprises me with his creative solutions. If you want your event or convention planned and executed with perfection, I surely recommend Steve!”


On Stage Experience

Professional Presenter - Trainer - Coach

Brussels, Belgium

September 12, 2010


Hi Steve,

I wanted to say thank you for all your support during our stressful days in Antalya.

It was a great pleasure to meet and work with you.

Kind regards,


Covidien EMEA, Turkey, 2010


Dear Steve

I would like again to express my innermost gratitude for the great experience also echoed by a lot of colleagues around the world the management meeting has created. I enjoyed the great teamwork, the respectful and appreciating way working with you personally and your team -a winning team.


Global Head Group Communications

Adecco management & consulting S.A.

Zurich, Switzerland


“Thanks to his proven experience in the Meetings Industry, Steve is a true value for the Belgium MPI Chapter who will boost the educational & social networking events the upcoming year. Watch & see!”


CEO Txt-Ibis - Belgium

Brussels, Belgium

May 19, 2010


Dear Steve,


Just a quick note to once more congratulate you on a great conference.  You are a true professional, and a great guy.  You keep your head cool when things get tough, and you're willing to be tough when it's needed.  It's not often in this world that I get to work with people as good as you.  I'm indebted to Patrick for bringing us together.


I had the "pleasure" of being stuck at Nice airport this morning for several hours, and so I took the time to read through your book.  Not every page, but most of it, even if diagonally on some topics.  It is very good.  Very complete.  Big picture as well as the details.  Simple to understand. Easy to use.


Warm regards,



Executive Director IMD

Switzerland, January 2010


Dear Steve,

Just a quick message to say that I finally found the time to read your book, over the Easter holiday. It was absolutely excellent – a lot of very original ideas for successful meetings. I will definitely add it to the students’ reading list.



Senior Lecturer in Business Travel & Tourism

Course Leader: MA Conference & Events Management

University of Westminster, London, UK.


Dear Steve,

I read it during last week. What can I say? Well done Steve, great work!

The book is a panoramic overview of all our business.

It is a great instrument for all meeting planners.

I can imagine that you where very busy during last year, sleepless nights and a lot of coffee but...the result is really very good. The format of the book , the clearness of how you present the different topics and the passion you put in it makes the book really  great!


Managing Director

AIM Group - AIM Congress S.r.l., Italy


“For those who organize big and small events, both starters and professionals will find valuable information to improve the quality of their events to benefit their clients. Plus, this book has a very great structure that makes learning easy.”


Advisor to the board

Hogeschool van Amsterdam, The Netherlands


“This needs to be on every Meetings and Events Manager’s book shelf! If you want a fresh look at effective meeting and event management, then this is a not-to-miss read.”


Content Manager EMEA

Meeting Professionals International


“Steve is one unique individual, besides being extremely organized and driven, he is very focused. The quality he delivers is beyond competition. As a person he is very inspiring and fun to be around. A wonderful manager!”


Managing  Partner P&J

Brussels, Belgium


Dear Steve,

Thank you very much for your energy and professionalism in holding the training programs. It was a success! We got feedback from every participant, and heard the words of gratitude and admire of you. Some people began to practice at once. At the moment I'm preparing the presentation for the public speech and the knowledge you gave to me helps a lot. I hope you you've enjoyed your visit to Ekaterinburg.


IBC Human Resources

Ekaterinburg, Russia


Dear Steve,

Thank you for your outstanding organization, team work, good humor and attention to detail during our Ride for Life kick-off event. You demonstrated in all you did that you understand our mission and shared our passion.

With much appreciation,


International Communications Manager - Corporate Communications

Barry Callebaut,

Zurich, Switzerland


Slovenian Press

Spain Press

Belgian Press

Russian Press

Interviewed on Russian TV

Interviewing Jan Verheyen for MPI Educational,

Antwerp, Belgium

Interviewing Karoline Kamosi (Leki)



People loved it and it made them think (and hopefully improve too!) ...

Even though I only saw a few minutes of your presentation, I thought it was brilliant, loved your energy and ideas. I've only heard really good feedback from your session so far...

Take care and thanks for helping make the EIS  a great success.


Eventplus Medios

Barcelona - October 2012


Hello Steve,

I wanted to thank you again for the fantastic energy you’ve transmitted us!

You are one of a kind...

Thank you again and looking forward meeting you again!



Adecco, Quebec, Canada - April 2013




The Book


Mice Practices




Mental Training